QLP Training Workshops

All undergraduate students of the 2012-2014 course catalogs or newer must complete at least one course in the University Core Curriculum designated as a Q-course to satisfy the Quantitative Scholarship requirement. In addition, any freshman admitted in 2011-12 are also required to complete a Q-course to satisfy the Quantitative Scholarship requirement.

What is a Q-course?

Q-courses are courses that have been enhanced with Quantitative Literacy. These courses seek to develop quantitative reasoning skills of its undergraduates by increasing contextual learning and advance student knowledge of data analysis. For a list of the currently offered Q-courses, click here for more information.

Who is eligible?

For graduating students who are required by their catalog to satisfy the Quantitative Scholarship requirement, but have successfully completed the entire core curriculum at another public institution of higher education in Texas and have had no other opportunity to take one of the offered Q-courses and are about to graduate. (Ex: Spring 2014 graduation applicants would be eligible for Spring 2014 QL workshops.)

How are eligible students notified?

Students who are eligible are automatically enrolled in a Blackboard course around the census date of their last semester and will be notified the course details through email notifications and Blackboard Learn announcements. The course will also appear in their ASAP schedule for their final semester.

What kind of options are there to complete the workshop?

The workshop is offered in two formats: face-to-face and online.

Face-to-face: An instructor led session that lasts three hours, usually given on a Friday or a Saturday at various times throughout the semester. Students only have to complete and pass one session to recieve Q satisfaction.

Online: Students utilize Blackboard Learn modules for the first two hours of material and practice materials. Students who utilize this method will get a confirmation password to sign up for the proctored final exam that must be taken at Testing Services on one of the specified testing dates/times.

What does the workshop cover? 

The workshop will consist of 2 hours of Quantitative Literacy and communication training and one hour final exam assessment over workshop materials.

When is the face-to-face workshop offered?

Q-workshops are held on various days throughout the semester, usually on Fridays or Saturdays. Eligible students are notified of the dates and times after they are enrolled in the QLW 4000 course by the workshop administrators. Students only have to pass one of the workshops to receive Q credit satisfaction.

Does it cost anything to attend the workshop?

The workshop is free.

I am not a transfer student, but my advisor says I need the workshop. What do I do?

Only students graduating in the current semester are eligible for that semester’s Q-workshops. If you are a student who is graduating in the current semester, your advisor should contact the QLP via email to inquire if the student can be enrolled in the workshop.

Who determines if I need to take the Q workshop?

The QLP team will make the determination whether a student needs to take the workshop. They do that by analyzing the student’s degree audit after they apply for graduation during the final semester the student graduates.

When am I notified if I need to take the Q workshop?

By the census date of the last semester before graduation. (Ex: If a student applied for Spring 2015 graduation, they would be notified by census date of Spring 2015 of being enrolled in the workshop.)