The university will play a critical role in training graduates to have the skills to meet the demands of today’s rapidly growing global economy. To help all undergraduates develop these skills, the QLP will provide the framework for integrating quantitative reasoning and communication skills in different courses in the University’s core curriculum. The QLP also provides students with advanced training in data analysis and modeling in areas where these techniques are fundamental. The overall vision of the QLP is to create an exemplary program that prepares students to effectively use quantitative reasoning to make decisions in both their personal and professional lives.


If you have questions about the nature of a Q-Course, how many Q-Courses you need to graduate, how to sign up for a Q-Course, or questions in general about Quantitative Literacy, please review the FAQS


Students will gain data reasoning skills that are highly valued in every career path. By taking multiple Q-courses, students will be able to apply quantitative content in various fields and learn to analyze and write about data..


Resources provided to students will include basic Excel tutorials, video demos, and other applicable interactive material. Data sets will be available for student use from a variety of disciplines.