Quantitative Literacy Courses

Courses that have been redesigned by integrating quantitative literacy will be designated as Q-courses, which enable students to develop their data-reasoning skills. Each academic year additional courses are selected to participate in the QL program.


Each semester a Q-course will be featured describing student involvement in the program. For example, in Fall 2014: Students in ES 2013 develop their quantitative literacy skills through team based learning activities using real world case studies. Click here to read more about ES 2013.

Course Grants

The Q-course development grants are awarded each year to selected faculty who submit proposals for the program. The QLP team provides resources and support for significant and sustainable course redesign. Additional TA support is provided to courses considered as “Q” to assist with data collection. Click here for more info.

Q-Course Lists

The QLP offers course sections redesigned with quantitative literacy each semester. These courses are designated with a (Q) in the title along with the comment in the course listing "Course satisfies UTSA Quantitative Scholarship requirement." See the Q-Course Lists on the left for the most recent list of Q-course sections offered by semester.

Current Q-Courses

Now approaching it's fifth year of implementation, the QLP will be offering 27 Q-Courses in multiple disciplines. Select upper-division courses were enhanced with "Q" in Architecture, Communications, Criminal Justice, Kinesiology, and Special Education.

Previous Q-Courses

In its first year of funding, the QLP selected ten courses for redesign from the following disciplines: Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Economics, Geology, and Sociology. Since then, the number of disciplines has increased as more courses have been redesigned. Click here for a link to archived Q-course listings by semester.