QLP course development teams chosen for fall 2012

By Rebecca Luther
Communications Coordinator, Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

In fall 2012, UTSA will begin the second year of implementation of the Quantitative Literacy Program (QLP), developed as part of UTSA’s reaccreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. “Quantitative Scholarship: From Literacy to Mastery” focuses on enhancing the quantitative reasoning and critical thinking skills of undergraduate students to help them understand and evaluate data, assess risks and benefits, and make informed decisions in all aspects of their lives. 

In fall 2011, UTSA faculty were invited to submit proposals to the Quantitative Literacy Course Development Program. The goal of the Course Development Program is to provide the resources and support for significant and sustainable course redesign in support of the QLP.

“Faculty who teach in the core curriculum were invited to submit a proposal.  Faculty who participated in the program before were invited to submit a proposal for a second year of funding.” said QLP Project Director Rajendra Boppana.

Based on the recommendations of the Proposal Review Committee, five second year proposals and 4 first year proposals were selected for funding (see list below).

The second year teams will continue to work on enhancing quantitative reasoning and communication skills in their core courses over the summer. The first year teams will begin to
integrate quantitative literacy in their course.  All faculty members will receive a summer stipend and participate in workshops through the summer. UTSA students will be able to register for these redesigned courses for the fall 2012 semester.

“The ……………………”, said Provost John Frederick. “I congratulate ………………………….support of this program.”



QLP (4) First Year Submission Teams

Basic Chemistry
Lydia Martinez Rivera
Susan Thomas

History: World Civilizations to 1500
Jennifer Dilley
Anne Hardgrove
John Carr-Shanahan

Math: Algebra for Scientists and Engineers
Jennifer Jacobson
Danielle Lyles

Writing: Freshman Composition I and II
Nancy Hall
Gaylynne Robinson
Cynthia Williams


QLP (5) Second Year Submission Teams

Anthropology: Introduction to Physical Anthropology
Thad Q. Bartlett
Nicholas Ellwanger
Joanna E. Lambert

Anthropology: Introduction to Archeology
Sonia Alconini
M. Kathryn Brown
Robert Hard
Laura J. Levi

Biosciences I
David Jaffe
David Senseman
Leslie Doss
Shakira Johnson
Edmund Luquette
Richard Welch

Kimberly Dalton
Todd Garrard
Michael Miller