Q-Faculty Workshop

The QLP course redesign program facilitates the seamless integration of quantitative methods and communication in courses across the undergraduate curriculum. A QLP Faculty Development Workshop will be conducted every summer to help faculty with their course redesign, development of assessment rubrics, and integration of best practices for delivering quantitative content.

Faculty members will have a preliminary meeting with the QLP Project Director, QLP Program Coordinators, and the Directors of the Teaching and Learning Center, Statistical Consulting Center, and Writing Center soon after the announcement of the awards. See Meet the QLP Team page for a description of the roles and responsibilities of these personnel. Each faculty member will be required to provide a detailed list of course topics, copies of handouts, exams, assignments, and projects. The staff will review these materials and work one on-one with the faculty member(s) to determine a preliminary list of quantitative topics that would be appropriate for their course. Based on these preliminary meetings, the QLP Program Coordinators and the Directors of the three centers will finalize the topics for the QLP summer workshops. These workshops are designed primarily for the Q-course instructors. However, other interested faculty, department chairs, and deans may attend.

The QLP Summer Workshop will be held in 3 phases:

1. Phase I will be held at the beginning of the summer session. It involves an intense “Day One” workshop that that provides hands-on training in course redesign. The workshop will specifically address the embedding of quantitative content. By the end of “Day One,” faculty members will have the tools necessary to create a course outline and syllabus, and to develop an “enhanced” curriculum. Faculty will then be given two weeks after the workshop to create a preliminary outline for review and feedback. At the end of two weeks, there will be a two-day workshop where faculty will share their course outlines and content with their peers.
2. In Phase II, faculty will meet one-on-one with the QLP team to receive feedback on their enhanced course materials. The QLP team will work with faculty on fine tuning their syllabi, outlines, and curriculum for the new redesigned course. Faculty will include assignments for assessing quantitative literacy outcomes and appropriate rubrics. Staff from the TLC, Writing Program, and the SCC will be available for consultations during this period as well.
3. In Phase III, which will occur near the end of the summer session, faculty members will return to present their “new course” to their peers. The facilitators will provide final suggestions for improvement.