QLP offers extensive support in course redesign for integrating quantitative literacy into the core curriculum. Course grants and TA support are offered to assist in implementation and assessment data collection.

Course Grants

The Q-course development grants provide the resources and support for significant and sustainable course redesign in support of the QLP. Summer stipends are awarded each year to selected faculty who submit proposals for the program. Additional TA support is provided to courses considered as “Q” to assist with data collection.


To evaluate the effectiveness of the program, faculty teaching Q-courses will provide assessment data based on student learning outcomes of the QLP. This data collection process will provide a basis for enhancing student learning of quantitative reasoning.

Course Redesign Workshops

Training workshops are provided to faculty each summer to assist with the integration of quantitative content. The workshops provide training on course redesign and offer faculty the opportunity to work on creating assignments that incorporate quantitative literacy. During Fall and Spring semesters, Q-faculty meet with the QLP team to assist with the implementation of these assessment techniques.


Faculty teaching Q-courses are provided with valuable resources to help with the implementation of course redesign. The course redesign process includes the development of appropriate assessment techniques. These resources include but are not limited to training workshops, one-on-one meetings with the QLP team, as well as tutorials and video demos.

QLP Team